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In over 25 years of working in the beauty industry, the search for safe, effective, and affordable products to use has been endless. I wanted to use and work with products I truly loved, that ticked all the boxes for health, safety & efficacy. The solution to my quest was developing Aqua Bellus Organics.

Hi, I’m Julie Albert, manager and founder of Aqua Bellus Organics. A working mother of two, I know all too well how busy life can be and how important it is to look after yourself. Being pushed for time is ever-present in the hustle and bustle of today. Perhaps you skip a few important skincare steps because it won't hurt, just this once?

I've developed products that take the fuss out of your skincare regime. Aqua Bellus helps you make simple and effective changes to your skincare routine that clear up all kinds of skin issues, giving you a clear, glowing complexion.

As an internationally qualified Beauty Therapist, Makeup Artist, Aromatherapist, founder and manager of my own multi award-winning day spa, I've had the opportunity to work with many skincare and makeup products and always had nature at heart, a keen interest in essential oils, their benefits to the skin, and their effects on the mind and body. 

During my extensive career, the people I've met, worked with, and the customers that have entrusted me with skin care advice made me realise to continue my journey for ethical, sustainable and conscious beauty. 

Listening to customers’ needs, identifying the rise in allergies, sensitivities to products and inflammatory skin issues due to poor gut health; I decided to infuse my passion with the desire for everyone to have healthier skin using safe organic ingredients. 

In 2012, I found myself brainstorming about launching my own brand centred around my skincare knowledge, experience, and love of beautiful products derived only from nature. I soon learned that there was a whole lot I didn't know about production.

I was fortunate to find an Australian manufacturer to collaborate with that shared the same vision and values as I did. So together, we're able to offer you quality skincare, supporting all-Australian ingredients that are pure, 100% natural, 100% Vegan and not tested on animals.

Originally Aqua Bellus Organics was developed for my local community and just like the Aqua Bellus lotus flower, it began to blossom. Through customer encouragement, demand outside my local community, my love for Aqua Bellus products, and pride in how far Aqua Bellus has come I began to realise that I wanted to help so many more people by giving them the opportunity to experience the benefits of Aqua Bellus Organics to achieve a clear, glowing complexion. So, my products are now available to you. 

I now work full time on Aqua Bellus Organics from a quaint little studio in rural NSW where I'm  continuously learning, building, and growing. My studio is a place full of hopes, goals, and hard work! It’s where ambition meets inner peace.

One of my many goals at Aqua Bellus is much bigger than products. A philosophy for embracing internal and external wellness, Aqua Bellus is skincare with a purpose. We choose to use smart ingredients in all our products that are safe, effective, nurture the skin, and pays respect to the environment. You can have confidence knowing you're caring for yourself and contributing to your overall health, wellbeing and sustainable beauty.

My greatest hope is that you love Aqua Bellus Organics and embrace the care, passion and experience that has gone into every product. So relax, unwind, click around and if you ever need any help, please feel free to contact me.

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